Shirley Gee

Standard Name: Gee, Shirley


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5 November 1974: Shirley Gee's first radio play, Stones, was...

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5 November 1974

Shirley Gee 's first radio play, Stones, was produced for BBC Radio 3 .

28 February 1977: Moonshine, a play by Shirley Gee, was produced...

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28 February 1977

Moonshine, a play by Shirley Gee , was produced and broadcast by BBC Radio 4 .

16 August 1979: BBC Radio 4 broadcast Shirley Gee's Bedr...

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16 August 1979

BBC Radio 4 broadcastShirley Gee 's Bedrock.

1980: Shirley Gee's Typhoid Mary was included in...

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Shirley Gee 's Typhoid Mary was included in the BBC 's Best Radio Plays of 1979: The Giles Cooper Award Winners.

1984: Best Radio Plays of 1983: The Giles Cooper...

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Best Radio Plays of 1983: The Giles Cooper Award Winners included Shirley Gee 's Never in My Lifetime alongside plays by Wally K. Daly , Gerry Jones , Steve May , and Martyn Read .

July 1987: Shirley Gee published her stage play Ask...

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July 1987

Shirley Gee published her stage playAsk for the Moon, which exposes past and present exploitation of female labour, and criticises the system cuasing it.

31 July 1991: Shirley Gee based her play Warrior, published...

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31 July 1991

Shirley Gee based her playWarrior, published this year, on the life of Hannah Snell , who joined the army and went to sea, wearing men's clothes and searching for her husband, and whose...


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