Carola Oman

CO , daughter of a historian, published a single book of poetry in the wake of the First World War. She then turned first to historical novels, then to historical biography, with one book of non-biographical history and some works in the same genres for children.


11 May 1897
CO was born in Oxford, the middle child in a family of three, during a visit to Oxford by the Prince of Wales .
Oman, Carola. An Oxford Childhood. Hodder and Stoughton, 1976.
After July 1946
CO 's biography of Britain's national naval hero, Nelson (probably her best-known achievement), appeared in the USA the year before its English publication, likely on account of wartime paper shortages.
Oman, Carola. Nelson. Doubleday, 1946.
British Library Catalogue.
CO 's An Oxford Childhood, an early memoir of herself and her family, with delightful period photographs, was published a couple of years before her death.
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11 June 1978
CO died at a little over eighty, having been a widow for more than twenty-five years.
“Obituary: Miss Carola Oman”. Times, p. 16.


The name Oman, said her father, came from Scandinavia, just as his family came from the Orkney Islands. The name of Anima was added when CO was confirmed.
Oman, Carola. An Oxford Childhood. Hodder and Stoughton, 1976.
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