Frances, Lady Norton

After the untimely death of her only daughter at the end of the seventeenth century, FLN edited a memorial volume of the daughter's pious meditations, mostly transcribed from her extensive reading as a glorified common-place book. She later produced two volumes of her own of the same type, though their proportion of originally-authored content is higher. She also published a book of poems embroidered on chair cushions.


22 May 1644
Frances Freke, later FLN , was born at Oxford, the third of five daughters to survive their infancy out of a family of ten children.
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After April 1699
Frances, Lady Norton , published a beautifully-produced volume in memory of her deceased daughter, Grace, Lady Gethin , its compiler: Misery's Virtues Whetstone. Reliquiae Gethinianae.
This is dated from J. M.'s dedication.
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Frances, Lady Norton , published her final, least-known work: A Miscellany of Poems, Compos'd, and Work'd with a Needle, on the Backs and Seats &c. of Several Chairs and Stools; the only copy known to survive is in Bristol Central Library .
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Early 1731
Frances, Lady Norton , died in her late eighties.
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FLN acquired the title of Lady when first her husband was knighted, not long after their marriage. According to custom she retained this title even when she then married two successive commoners; even as the wife of Mr Jones, she remained Lady Norton.

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