Hilary Mantel

The author of twelve novels (ranging from political thrillers through social satire, comedy of manners, and near-gothic), still at the height of her career, HM has been likened to Muriel Spark or Edna O'Brien for the sharpness of her humour, and to Graham Greene for her command of suspense and of accurately rendered political background. She has also published memoirs and short fiction. She is a leading practitioner of the current form of the historical novel, and her fiction encompasses as wide a variety of geographical as of historical settings, from Africa to Saudi Arabia, Ireland, northern England, and revolutionary France.
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She has more sparked controversy with her treatment of royal or political figures of her own time.


6 July 1952
Hilary Thompson (later HM ) was born at Glossop in Derbyshire, on the northern tip of the Peak District.
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By early September 1989
HM published a fantastical, anti-Catholic novel entitled Fludd, from the name of an actual alchemist, physician and scholar (1574-1637).
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30 April 2009
HM 's next novel, Wolf Hall, appeared, fictionalising part of the life of the sixteenth-century lawyer and politicianThomas Cromwell .It was later picked as winner of this year's Man Booker Prize.
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As a child Hilary Thompson (later HM ) was called our Ilary. She has commented with a wry pun, my family have named me aspirationally, but aspiration doesn't stretch to the H.
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