Judith Kazantzis

JK , a poet, journalist, historical compiler, short-story writer, visual artist, and blogger of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, is known for the strong anti-war, anti-establishment stand she takes in her writings. She has also published translations and one novel.
Black and white, head-and-shoulders, smiling photograph of Judith Kazantzis. She wears a light collared shirt in a muted print a necklace of large beads, and simple dangling earrings. Her blonde hair has a long fringe.
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14 August 1940
Judith Pakenham , later Kazantzis, was born in Oxford, into the middle of a family of eight children.
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9 November 1981
JK supplied a critical preface for Catherine W. Reilly 's ground-breaking anthology Scars upon my Heart: Women's Poetry and Verse of the First World War, published by Virago .
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She has written: I bear the name of a famous Biblical woman warrior.
Judith Kazantzis.

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