Ketaki Kushari Dyson

KKD (poet, novelist, playwright, translator, scholar, and critic of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries) grew up and was educated in Calcutta, but has lived in or near Oxford for most of her adult life. She writes bilingually and biculturally, in both Bengali and English, with frequent attention to issues of cultural assimilation, of gender, and of relationships among women. She has published extensively in a wide range of genres: at least ten volumes of poetry (six in Bengali, four in English), six translations (mostly of poetry), three collections of essays, a volume of autobiographical sketches, two Bengali novels, scholarly studies of early British colonists in India and of writer Victoria Ocampo , and three Bengali plays (one of them translated into English). KKD has co-edited a volume of essays on bilingual women writers, and published articles, essays, and book reviews in Bengali journals.


26 June 1940
Ketaki Kushari (later KKD ) was born in Calcutta.
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KKD 's given name, the name of a flower, was taken from the poetry of Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore , who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1913.
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