Frances Neville, Baroness Abergavenny

FNBA both collected and composed devotional writings during the sixteenth century, which reached print after her death. Thomas Bentley , including a generous selection in his Monument of Matrones, 1582, presents them as concerned exclusively with private, domestic manners; recent scholarship suggests that Abergavenny's poems also respond to political-religious controversy, and that Bentley was not the only anthologist to make use of them.


About September 1576
Frances Neville, Baroness Abergavenny , died, having entrusted her collection of prayers to her daughter on her deathbed.
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Birth and Family

The birthdate of Frances Manners (later FNBA ) is unknown; from the date of her daughter's birth it must have been during the 1530s. She was one of a family of ten children.
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