Lucy Walford

Standard Name: Walford, Lucy
Birth Name: Lucy Bethia Colquhoun
Indexed Name: L. B. Walford
Indexed Name: Mrs L. B. Walford
Used Form: LB Walford
Lucy Walford published more than forty-five books, primarily fiction (novels and short stories), as well as biographies and journalism over the final three decades of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth. She was a popular as well as prolific novelist whose early works in particular garnered high praise. Reviewers tended to prize the conventional romantic plots and simple domestic settings, but also her spirited and comedic tone.
Black and white oval photograph of Lucy Walford, set against a light yellow background. She is wearing a dark, long-sleeved dress with a touch of lace at the neckline. Her dark curly hair is pulled back.
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Politician, agriculturalist, and statistician Sir John Sinclair of Ulbster , first baronet (1754-1835), used to joke that he had six-and-thirty feet of daughters.
Walford, Lucy. Recollections of a Scottish Novelist. Williams and Norgate, 1910.
This was a way of putting the the fact that...
Family and Intimate relationships Catherine Sinclair
Several members of CS 's extended family were published authors. Her elder half-sister Janet published religious works. The best-known in her own day was her great-niece Lucy Walford , romantic novelist (whom Coventry Patmore ...
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Holiday House was an important book for one of CS 's great-nieces, who became the popular writer Lucy Walford , and was among the favourite childhood reading of poet and playwright Anne Ridler .
Walford, Lucy. Recollections of a Scottish Novelist. Williams and Norgate, 1910.


Lucy Walford 's light-heartednovelMr. Smith: A Part of His Life appeared in Edinburgh and London before publication by Tauchnitz in Germany the following year.
By 13 October 1877
Lucy Walford published Pauline, a novel.
By 23 August 1884
Lucy Walford 's novelThe Baby's Grandmother was published.
By 18 August 1888
Lucy Walford published Four Biographies from Blackwood's.
Scottish author Lucy Walford published The Havoc of a Smile, a story of a young man's unrequited love for his dazzling cousin.
Lucy Walford 's The Matchmaker was published as the last three-volume novel by Mudie's Circulating Library .
Lucy Walford published her novelCharlotte.
Lucy Walford published the novelLeonore Stubbs.
Lucy Walford 's autobiography, Recollections of a Scottish Novelist, appeared.
Memories of Victorian London was published. It contains a variety of gossip alongside Lucy Walford 's writing of her later life.