Jemima Tautphoeus

Standard Name: Tautphoeus, Jemima
Birth Name: Jemima Montgomery
Married Name: Jemima Tautphoeus
Titled: Jemima, Baroness von Tautphoeus
JT , an Irish-born, mid-Victorian writer who lived most of her life in Bavaria, wrote four novels. Her work was often praised for its descriptions of the Bavarian landscape and people—both upper-class and peasant—who inhabited it.
Black and white, head-and-shoulders photograph of Jemima Tautphoeus, wearing a dark dress buttonrf in front and a light lace collar. She has dark, chin-length, wavy hair, and a shawl over her head and shoulders.
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3 December 1800
At Hohenlinden in Bavaria the French imperial army and its Bavarian allies inflicted defeat on the Austrians: a battle commemorated by the poet Thomas Campbell and the novelist Jemima Tautphoeus .