Harriet St Leger

Standard Name: St Leger, Harriet


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Friends, Associates Frances Power Cobbe
An important early friend of FPC was Harriet St Leger , a bluestocking who dressed in masculine fashion and lived intimately with her friend Dorothy Wilson . FPC and novelist Felicia Skene were lifelong friends...
Friends, Associates Frances Power Cobbe
Sometime in the later 1840s or early 1850s FPC gave a lunch party for her neighbour Harriet St Leger , and a friend of St Leger's, Fanny Kemble . Although the lunch went poorly, Kemble...
Friends, Associates Fanny Kemble
Sixteen-year-old FK met thirty-year-old Harriet St Leger , and a life-long friendship and correspondence ensued.
Marshall, Dorothy. Fanny Kemble. Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 1977.
Clinton, Catherine. Fanny Kemble’s Civil Wars. Simon and Schuster, 2000.
Textual Production Fanny Kemble
She had early set her sights on becoming an author. She wrote to her correspondent Harriet St Leger in February 1828 that her writing showed a clever performance for so young a person, but nothing...
Textual Production Fanny Kemble
By 1874 FK was at work on her memoirs each evening, culling material from her diaries and from letters to Harriet St Leger . The reminiscences appeared from 1875 in magazines like the Atlantic Monthly...


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