Nathalie Blondel

Standard Name: Blondel, Nathalie


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Literary responses Frances Bellerby
FB 's award of a Civil List pension (1973) was a recognition of her literary achievement. Charles Causley 's obituary called her a true original possessed of a unique and distinguished voice.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Nathalie Blondel has...
Literary responses Mary Butts
Although her work received mixed reviews, MB was generally recognized as an important if eccentric literary figure during her lifetime, and she was highly praised by other modernist writers, including Ezra Pound , Marianne Moore
Publishing Mary Butts
The Cornhill editor, Lord Gorell , rejected the article for the surprising reason that the Bloomsbury Group was not well known in England.
Bagg, Camilla, and Nathalie Blondel. “Editors’ Preface: Bloomsbury”. Modernism/Modernity, No. 2, pp. 31 - 2.
Garrity, Jane. Step-daughters of England: British Women Modernists and the National Imaginary. Manchester University Press, 2003.
The essay was not published until 1998, when Nathalie Blondel
Textual Production Mary Butts
Imaginary Letters, a novel of letters by MB illustrated by her close friend Jean Cocteau , was published in Paris by Edward W. Titus .
Nathalie Blondel in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography...


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