E. E. Mavrogordato

Standard Name: Mavrogordato, E. E.
Birth Name: Eustratius Emmanuel Mavrogordato


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Literary responses Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
In the TLSE. E. Mavrogordato pronounced The Lost Worlda glorious story; he had enjoyed nothing of this kind so much, he wrote, since H. Rider Haggard 's She, 1887.
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012].
562 (17 October 1912): 443
Literary responses Rosita Forbes
E. E. Mavrogordato of the Times Literary Supplement, who in the past had sounded somewhat impatient with Forbes's personal style, greeted this book with appreciation of her enterprise and vigour.
Mavrogordato, E. E. “Red Sea to Blue Nile”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 1240, p. 696.
The Oxford Dictionary...
Literary responses Rosita Forbes
E. E. Mavrogordato in the Times Literary Supplement wrote: Mrs. Forbes is to be congratulated in [sic] bringing him before us as a coherent thinker and acceptable leader for all his inconsistencies and egotism.
Mavrogordato, E. E. “The Story of Raisuli”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 1165, p. 297.
Literary responses Rosita Forbes
E. E. Mavrogordato noted that if one took seriously the dates at which RF said she had made predictions about the future developments of the countries she travelled in, these constituted inspired prophecies of future...
Literary responses Rosita Forbes
E. E. Mavrogordato once more praised RF 's artistry in the choice and the arrangement of words, as well as the vivid content (which might make readers fail to notice these virtues of style)and especially...
Literary responses Rosita Forbes
A full-page advertisement in The Times quoted A travel book without a dull page from the Daily Sketch and unflagging liveliness from the Daily News.
“The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007”. Thompson Gale: The Times Digital Archive.
(13 April 1928): 19
E. E. Mavrogordato in the...
Literary responses Rosita Forbes
E. E. Mavrogordato , who had been reviewing RF since the beginning of her career and not initially with much respect, paid tribute to her now as differentiated from any other lady traveller because she...
Literary responses Rosita Forbes
E. E. Mavrogordato noted that the racial characteristics ascribed to the Jew serve the author to explain in Columbus failures in tact and leadership.
Mavrogordato, E. E. “Rosita Forbes in the Caribbean”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 2029, p. 644.
Literary responses Evelyn Waugh
This reviewer, E. E. Mavrogordato , called the book a study in futility, in which the author set out to tell us of the extinction of feeble Tony Last; and when he has finished it...


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