Adam Mars-Jones

Standard Name: Mars-Jones, Adam


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Friends, Associates Jeanette Winterson
JW was a neighbour and friend of Adam Mars-Jones in the 1980s.
Mars-Jones, Adam. “Mrs Winterson’s Daughter”. London Review of Books, No. 2, pp. 3 - 8.
Editor Nicci Gerrard was a longtime friend of JW 's until personal differences over Gerrard's review of Art and Lies caused a...
Literary responses Hilary Mantel
This novel was widely and positively reviewed. Grace Ingoldby in the Sunday Times found it so gripping that it urges the reader to suspend normal life entirely until the book is read.
Blackwell’s Online Bookshop.
Francine Prose (herself...
Literary responses Jan Morris
Last Letters from Hav was shortlisted for the Booker Prize for fiction (despite which many readers continued the search for Hav in maps and gazetteers).
Johns, Derek. Ariel. A Literary Life of Jan Morris. Faber and Faber, 2016.
The Booker shortlisting, wrote JM , turned out to...
Literary responses Jeanette Winterson
A generation after the novel's appearance, Adam Mars-Jones called it an erratic piece of writing, with oddities of structure and point of view . . . . lumpy fables . . . sermonising [and a]...
Literary responses Jeanette Winterson
Zoe Williams found this book forceful and moving, tersely and urgently written, much darker than Winterson's fictionalized version of her early life.
Williams, Zoe. “In search of peace”. Guardian Weekly, pp. 39 -40.
Adam Mars-Jones pointed out what he took to be discrepancies between this...
Publishing Jeanette Winterson
Winterson began writing the novel after she was turned down for a publishing job at Pandora Press , because the interviewing editor suggested she should write a book about her early life. Adam Mars-Jones has...


Aileen La Tourette contributed the storiesPassing and Cupiditas to Mae West Is Dead: Recent Lesbian and Gay Fiction, edited by Adam Mars-Jones .