Elizabeth Bentley

Standard Name: Bentley, Elizabeth
Birth Name: Elizabeth Bentley
Used Form: E. Bentley
EB was a labouring-class poet of the later eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, who provided with her poems an account of her life designed to raise patrons. Her work was sufficiently religious and submissive in tone to go down well with her social superiors, though she lauded independence and favoured abolition of the slave trade.
Photo of an oval engraving of the young Elizabeth Bentley by a Miss Buck after T. Bassett, frontispiece of Bentley's "Genuine Poetical Compositions", 1791. She is clad in suitably plain style, wears a starched cap and neckerchief over her dress.
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Wollstonecraft, Mary. The Works of Mary Wollstonecraft. Todd, Janet and Marilyn ButlerEditors , Pickering, 1989.
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