Anna Livia

Standard Name: Anna Livia
Birth Name: Brawn, Anna Livia Julian
Self-constructed Name: Anna Livia
Pseudonym: Faustina Rey
Indexed Name: Anna Livia Brawn
Beginning in the later twentieth century, Anna Livia has written, compiled, and translated short stories and novels, as well as social and literary criticism and theory. In her fiction and non-fiction she is concerned with the practical and material concerns of contemporary women and the sometimes more abstract ways in which linguistics and cultural institutions shape female (especially lesbian) identity and experience. Anna Livia has stated that My radical feminist and lesbian politics informs everything I write. I write to change the world.
Kafker, Frank A., and James M. Laux, editors. The French Revolution: Conflicting Interpretations. R. E. Krieger, 1989.
Black and white photograph of Anna Livia staring into the camera, wearing a floral shirt and a short hair cut.
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