Kathryn Ledbetter

Standard Name: Ledbetter, Kathryn


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Literary responses Violet Hunt
Later readers have paid Hunt's novels little critical interest and less acclaim. Biographer Barbara Belford suggested in 1990, for instance, that her characters are usually unsympathetic and forgettable; she wrote about the contemporary moment, but...
Literary responses Violet Hunt
Kathryn Ledbetter argues that although this collection has received little critical attention (and was in fact often categorized as a novel), it offers significant examples of the types of short fiction, concerned especially with women...
politics Violet Hunt
VH wrote that she would gladly have been jailed for her efforts along with other activists, but because she was the caregiver of her aging mother and young niece , Mrs Pankhurst and Christabel kindly...
Author summary Violet Hunt
Known mainly as a popular novelist, VH also published book and theatre reviews, translations, short stories, non-fiction, memoirs, and a biography. Her publishing career covers the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Though often initially...
Textual Features Violet Hunt
The first Tales consists of nine ghost stories published in periodicals during the first decade of Hunt's career.
Rogers, John H., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 162. Gale Research, 1996.
162: 144
Kathryn Ledbetter proposes that by mixing established and innovative styles and concerns, VHcreated her...


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