Stella Gibbons

Standard Name: Gibbons, Stella
Birth Name: Stella Dorothea Gibbons
SG was a gifted comic writer whose lively, parodic first novel, Cold Comfort Farm, was such a success that it has tended to eclipse her later achievements. Much of her writing was inspired by the work of other women writers such as Mary Webb , Ouida , and Jane Austen , who served both as influences and as targets of burlesque. SG began her career as a journalist, and in addition to novels, she also wrote poems, short stories, and a book for children.
Black-and-white photo of Stella Gibbons, 28 November 1977. She is posing in front of bookshelves, looking off into the distance from behind            tortoise-shell glasses.
"Stella Gibbons" by Evening Standard/Stringer, 1977-11-28. Retrieved from This image is licensed under the GETTY IMAGES CONTENT LICENCE AGREEMENT.


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Madame C. de Broutelles founded the Prix Femina Vie Heureuse, a prestigious French literary prize awarded by a jury of twelve women. A. Mary F. Robinson (an English writer living in France) was a co-founder.