Kate Marsden

Standard Name: Marsden, Kate
A nurse and explorer, KM published a small but widely-circulated body of travel writing that at once documented her search for treatments for leprosy and served as tools for her to raise funds and awareness to support her ongoing work. She published two volumes focused on her expedition to Siberia along with related essays based on her public lectures. In its early stages her work was supported by prominent figures, including Queen Victoria , but it came under attack from critics who disputed the truth of her writing and integrity of her life.
Black and white photo of Kate Marsden, 1906, shown from the waist up, wearing a dark dress speckled with ornament, with her dark hair pulled up and topped by a white headdress and long veil pushed back. She holds a bouquet. Her name is written in a top corner: "Marsden, July 13. 1906."
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MC 's Fellowship of the Royal Geographical Society is mentioned without comment by various sources,
“May Crommelin (Maria Henriette de la Cherois-Crommelin) (1849 - 1930)”. Crommelin Family, The Netherlands.
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Kate Marsden published the illustrated travel narrativeOn Sledge and Horseback to Outcast Siberian Lepers, which saw four editions within the year.