Catherine Gilpin

Standard Name: Gilpin, Catherine


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Family and Intimate relationships Susanna Blamire
Catherine Gilpin belonged to a highly cultivated gentry family. She was the sister of William Gilpin , the well-known writer on the picturesque, whom Susanna's brother Richmond published; she lived at the moated Scaleby Castle...
Friends, Associates Susanna Blamire
SB had a lively circle of friends, as her letters show. Early involved in her writing life was Elizabeth Beckwith Fisher , whose name lent itself to such conceits as my Dear Fish gliding away...
Residence Susanna Blamire
After the death of Thomas Graeme SB lived for some years with her now widowed sister in Scotland. Later still she lived with her friend Catherine Gilpin at 14 Finkle Street, Carlisle.
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Maycock, Christopher. A Passionate Poet: Susanna Blamire, 1747-94: A Biography. Hypatia, 2003.
Textual Features Susanna Blamire
Miss Gilpin's Song, written by SB for Catherine Gilpin to sing at her spinning-wheel, combines a dark vision of individual life as a spun thread (A breath can destroy what's so slenderly made...
Textual Production Susanna Blamire
Another edition of SB 's work was produced by Sidney Gilpin (pseudonym of George Coward) as Songs and Poems Together with Songs by Her Friend Miss Gilpin
Kushigian, Nancy, and Stephen C. Behrendt, editors. Scottish Women Poets of the Romantic Period.
Maycock, Christopher. A Passionate Poet: Susanna Blamire, 1747-94: A Biography. Hypatia, 2003.
Textual Production Susanna Blamire
It must be remembered that, in a manner fitting the ballad tradition of unascribed authorship, SB and Catherine Gilpin often composed poetry together, and that Gilpin , as well as Blamire, sometimes composed alone. The...


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