Friedrich Augustus von Hayek

Standard Name: Hayek, Friedrich Augustus von


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death John Stuart Mill
JSM , philosopher, died at Avignon, where he is buried.
Sources used to list Mill's death as happening on 8 May, but F. A. Hayek reports that the Registres de l'Etat Civil d'Avignon record...
Health Harriet Taylor
From 1841 onwards HT suffered from paralysis, and was often unable to move her right leg. She also experienced numbness in her limbs, headaches, coughing, fevers, and face-aches. Although she was showing signs of tuberculosis...
Occupation Helen Taylor
F. A. Hayek speculates that she played a small role in Wilkie Collins ' The Red Vial on its opening night at the Olympic Theatre in October 1858.
Hayek, Friedrich Augustus von, John Stuart Mill, and Harriet Taylor. John Stuart Mill and Harriet Taylor; Their Correspondence [i.e. Friendship] and Subsequent Marriage. University of Chicago Press, 1951.


Two important and strongly contrasting books on political economy appeared: Friedrich Hayek 's The Road to Serfdom (which later brought him the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences) and Karl Polanyi 's The Great Transformation.
10 December 1974
Two British scientists received Nobel Prizes in Physics and one in Economic Sciences.