Elizabeth Janeway

Standard Name: Janeway, Elizabeth


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Literary responses Pearl S. Buck
Elizabeth Janeway 's notice in the New York Times Book Review noted that intellectual critics tended to despise Buck's bias toward morality. She noted that what were thought of as female tastes were not respected...
Literary responses Pamela Hansford Johnson
This novel marked a step forward in the public valuation of PHJ . Walter Allen called it one of the best novels of our time.
Lindblad, Ishrat. Pamela Hansford Johnson. Twayne, 1982.
It reminded him of George Eliot : he praised...
Literary responses Rosamond Lehmann
This book received very positive reviews from (among others) Elizabeth Janeway in the New York Times, Elizabeth Bowen in New Republic, Virginia Peterson in the New York Herald Tribune, Simon Raven in...
Literary responses G. B. Stern
Elizabeth Janeway in the New York Times wrote that this and all of GBS 's memoirs would be well described by the old term, commonplace books. Not memoir, essay, or anthology, they partake of all...


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