Sir Richard Arkwright

Standard Name: Arkwright, Sir Richard


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Residence Alison Uttley
Castle Top Farm, where AU lived until she was eighteen, was the great influence on her life. A friend said of her seventy-three years living elsewhere that she had been in exile most of...


About 1764
James Hargreaves invented the spinning jenny after seeing a traditional spinning wheel fall over, with its wheel and spindle turning in the air.
Richard Arkwright set up a water-powered spinning mill of his own invention near Hockley, Nottingham.
1 August 1771
Richard Arkwright and David Thornley joined forces with Jedediah Strutt and Samuel Need to rent land on which to set up a factory by the River Derwent at Cromford in Derbyshire, so that Arkwright's...
Richard Arkwright 's latest, duly patented machine proved capable of itself carrying through the entire process of yarn manufacture.
Samuel Crompton brought together ideas from Richard Arkwright and James Hargreaves to invent the spinning mule.
11 November 1779
One of Arkwright 's new, highly-mechanized mills for cotton production, at Chorley, Lancashire, was sacked by rioters.


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