Mary Douglas

Standard Name: Douglas, Mary


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Pouvoirs de l'horreur, a psychological study of the representation of emotion, relates chiefly to modern French literature, particularly the writing of Louis-Ferdinand Céline. It draws on the anthropological work of Mary Douglas (who...


25 March 1921
Mary Tew (later Mary Douglas ), future social anthropologist and author of Purity and Danger, 1966, was born at San Remo in Italy.
June 1966
AnthropologistMary Douglas published her best-known work, Purity and Danger, a study of ritual behaviour and taboo.
July 1969
Mary Douglas published another influential work of social anthropology, Natural Symbols.
Anthropologist Mary Douglas continued her provocative work on systems of classification in The World of Goods.
Mary Douglas pioneered anthropological work on environmentalism and risk analysis in her book Risk and Culture, written in collaboration with political scientist Aaron Wildavsky .
In the Conservative climate of both the Thatcher and Reagan administrations, Mary Douglas published How Institutions Think, concerned with theoretical and anthropological questions of justice, solidarity, and collective provision for individual needs.
11 November 2004
Anthropologist Mary Douglas continued her reevaluation of Biblical subjects with Jacob's Tears: The priestly work of reconciliation.
February 2007
Social anthropologist Mary Douglas published a brief study of literary composition entitled Thinking in Circles: An Essay on Ring Composition.
16 May 2007
Dame Mary Douglas , pioneering anthropologist and author, died in London at the age of eighty-six.