Ronald Reagan

Standard Name: Reagan, Ronald


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Material Conditions of Writing Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
This followed RPJ 's script for screening her own Heat and Dust, 1983. The film of The Bostonians was originally intended to conclude a series of five programmes for WGBH television of Boston...
Textual Features Carol Ann Duffy
These poems already exemplify CAD 's ingenuity and obliquity in her choice of titles and topics, as well as her handling of the latter. Despite these qualities her writing is starkly direct, and her topics...


30 March 1981: John Hinckley made an attempt to assassinate...

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30 March 1981

John Hinckley made an attempt to assassinate American president Ronald Reagan in Washington, DC.

1986: In the Conservative climate of both the Thatcher...

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In the Conservative climate of both the Thatcher and Reagan administrations, Mary Douglas published How Institutions Think, concerned with theoretical and anthropological questions of justice, solidarity, and collective provision for individual needs.


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