Frances Balfour

Standard Name: Balfour, Frances
Used Form: Lady Frances Balfour


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Literary responses Edith Lyttelton
The play received mixed responses. The most enthusiastic review came from J. T. Grein , founder of the Independent Theatre Society , in the Westminster Gazette: The miracle of miracles! Here we have upon...
Occupation Constance Smedley
They contacted sixty well-known women journalists and authors; only two replied.
Smedley, Constance, and Maxwell Armfield. Crusaders. Chatto & Windus, 1912.
Feeling dubious about women's business abilities, they took advice from Smedley's father (who over the years supported the club to the extent...
politics Dora Sigerson
The Club grew out of the Writers' Club , an organization for women writers in London. It was the brainchild of Constance Smedley , and Writers' Club members who were founding members of the Lyceum...
politics Helen Blackburn
Frances Balfour describes HB as the last of three early workers for the Suffrage, Miss Lydia Becker , and Miss Caroline Ashurst Biggs .
Balfour, Frances. Ne obliviscaris. Hodder and Stoughton, 1930.
II: 131
Reception Catherine Marsh
Among the many sources of praise for this book, most notable is The Lady's Newspaper, which acknowledged: We often hear discussions as to the true mission of woman, and there are not wanting complaints...
Residence Helen Blackburn
In Ne obliviscaris, Frances Balfour remembers HB living during the late 1880s at a house in Great College Street, Westminster.
Balfour, Frances. Ne obliviscaris. Hodder and Stoughton, 1930.
II: 129, 131
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Constance Smedley
Life, she wrote here, is a perpetual crusade.
Smedley, Constance, and Maxwell Armfield. Crusaders. Chatto & Windus, 1912.
She had had an irresistible desire to crystallize every phase in the form of some sort of story for grown-ups or children, but the experiences had...


13 July 1899
The London Government Act created twenty-eight Metropolitan Borough Councils to replace the forty-one parish vestries and district boards of works in the capital. Women, previously eligible for election as vestrywomen, were denied eligibility for the...
By early February 1930
Suffragist and biographer Lady Frances Balfour (née Campbell) published Ne Obliviscaris. Dinna Forget, her memoir of the fight for women' suffrage, titled from the Campbell clan motto.
Lady Eve Balfour , an early proponent of organic farming (an earl's daughter whose dazzling family connections made her a descendant of the writer Rosina Bulwer Lytton and niece of the suffragists Frances Balfour and...