Ethel Gordon Fenwick

Standard Name: Fenwick, Ethel Gordon
Used Form: Ethel Manson
Used Form: E. G. F.
Used Form: Ethel Bedford Fenwick


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1 April 1878
Ethel Manson enrolled as a nurse-in-training at the Children's Hospital in Nottingham.
Spring 1881
Nurse Ethel Manson became Matron of St Bartholomew's Hospital and soon took over the training of nurses.
Matron Ethel Manson developed the St Bartholomew's Hospital Trained Nurses' Institute to protect nurses' rights and independence.
June 1887
10 December 1887
Mrs Ethel Fenwick , with twenty-nine hospital matrons, officially named and founded the British Nurses' Association ; this was the first organized attempt by nurses to improve the status of their profession.
July 1894
The Society for the State Registration of Trained Nurses was founded with women's activist Louisa Stevenson as president, former Matrons' Council president Isla Stewart as vice-president, and former Royal British Nurses' Association president Ethel Gordon Fenwick
December 1919
The passing of the Registration of Nurses Act marked the successful completion by Ethel Fenwick , founder of the International Council of Nurses , of her campaign with the Society for the State Registration of Trained Nurses .
May 1926
The British College of Nurses was established, with Ethel Fenwick as president and her husband Dr Bedford Fenwick as treasurer.