Sarah, Lady Cowper

Standard Name: Cowper, Sarah,,, Lady
Birth Name: Sarah Holled
SLC is best remembered for the diaries which she kept between 1700 and 1716 and for the eleven volumes of commonplace-books in which, from 1670 till 1700, she recorded excerpts from her voracious and highly serious reading, with some prayers and bible commentary of her own.
Photograph of a half-length painting probably of Sarah, Lady Cowper, by one of the circle of Enoch Seeman. She wears an ivory gown with a lace-filled décolleté, and a contrasting blue band at waist and sleeves. Her dark hair is piled on top of her head.
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Family and Intimate relationships Mary, Countess Cowper
She had met him three years before this as a consequence of consulting him on a matter of law; since then his first wife, Judith (Booth) Cowper , and his only (legitimate) child had died...
Family and Intimate relationships Judith Cowper Madan
This diarist, JCM 's paternal grandmother, Sarah, Lady Cowper , was an extraordinary woman. Born into the wealthy merchant class, deeply pious, highly intelligent and well-read, she consoled herself for an unhappy marriage to an...
Literary responses May Drummond
From the first, however, MD 's preaching was polarizing, attracting not only praise but also criticism more hostile than Cookworthy's. She was blamed for her social manner, for being visibly of a higher rank than...


By November 1700
The recently founded SPCK opened a charity school for forty girls at St Andrew's in Holborn, where a boys' school had opened early in the year. Subscribers included Sarah, Lady Cowper for three pounds...