Daniel Turner

Standard Name: Turner, Daniel,, 1710 - 1798


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Intertextuality and Influence Anne Steele
AS is said to have received help with the contents of these volumes from several local or visiting dissenting ministers.
Broome, J. R. A Bruised Reed. Anne Steele: Her Life and Times. Gospel Standard Trust Publications, 2007.
153, 155ff
One of these men, Daniel Turner (1710-98) is not the same as the...


Daniel Turner published Syphilis: A Practical Dissertation on the Venereal Disease.
26 August 1729
Dr James Augustus Blondel published The Power of the Mother's Imagination over the Foetus examin'd.
27 November 1729
Dr Daniel Turner printed a reply to James Augustus Blondel 's recent attack, on the question of a mother's imagination influencing the form of her foetus; it appeared with 1730 on the title-page.


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