F. Tennyson Jesse

Standard Name: Jesse, F. Tennyson
Birth Name: Wynifried Margaret Jesse
Self-constructed Name: Fryniwyd Tennyson Jesse
Pseudonym: Beamish Tinker
Pseudonym: F. Tennyson Jesse
Nickname: Fryn
FTJ , one of the few women journalists to report from the Front in the First World War, also published in a wide range of genres.
Reilly, Catherine, editor. The Virago Book of Women’ War Poetry and Verse. Virago, 1997.
She wrote seven plays of her own and collaborated on additional plays with her husband. She also published nine novels, three collections of short stories, two volumes of poetry, two collections of letters, a translation from French, and a history of Burma. As writer of crime and detective fiction, she also produced a book of criminology and edited and introduced six volumes in the Notable British Trials series.
Black and white photograph of F. Tennyson Jesse, shown from the shoulders up, in a shape with symmetrically ornamental corners. The picture, with strong light and dark contrast, shows her wearing a small hat or headband on short, dark, bushy hair parted in the middle, and a white blouse with black bow.
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Godden, Rumer. A Time to Dance, No Time to Weep. Macmillan, 1987.
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She originally titled the book Equipment, but on the advice of F. Tennyson Jesse (a reader for her publisher, Heinemann ), the title was changed. EMD had wanted a pseudonym to distinguish herself from...
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Together, says Byatt, the stories make up one exploration of Victorian anxieties about what it was to be human.
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Marion Draper, NL 's middle-class heroine, is a fictionalized Madeleine Smith (who had already been the subject of a topical novel, by Emma Robinson in early 1864, and of a non-fictional study by F. Tennyson Jesse
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Contemporary newspapers were filled with sensationalized stories of the trial and execution of Edith Thompson and her lover Frederick Bywaters for the murder of Thompson's husband.
McCullen, Maurice. E. M. Delafield. Twayne, 1985.
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22 March 1857
The death by arsenic poisoning of her lover, shipping clerk Emile L'Angelier , led to the prominent trial for murder of Madeleine Smith , daughter of an affluent Glasgow architect.
6-11 December 1922
Edith Thompson and her younger lover Frederick Bywaters were tried for the murder of her husband, Percy Thompson .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
9 March 1950
Timothy Evans , a van-driver in his early twenties, was hanged for the murders of his wife and baby daughter, who were more likely killed by the family's landlord, John Reginald Halliday Christie .