Isabella Fyvie Mayo

Standard Name: Mayo, Isabella Fyvie


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Friends, Associates Ellen Wood
As she began to establish herself as a writer, EW became a friend of her fellow authors Anna Maria Hall , Julia Kavanagh , and Mary Howitt . The latter wrote her a complimentary letter...


By 15 August 1868
Isabella Fyvie Mayo , as Edward Garrett, published The Occupations of a Retired Life, her first novel in book form, and her most widely known.
The novelBy Still Waters: A Story for Quiet Hours was published; it was attributed to Edward Garrett, the pseudonym of Isabella Fyvie Mayo .
Isabella Fyvie Mayo , as Edward Garrett, released her two-volume workThe Capel Girls: A Novel.
Isabella Fyvie Mayo , under the name Edward Garrett, published Family Fortunes: a domesticstory.
Her Object in Life, a novel depicting a woman's troubled relationship with her brother, was published by Isabella Fyvie Mayo as Edward Garrett.
27 June 1904
The Times printed Tolstoy 's letter on the Russian-Japanese war, Bethink Yourselves, which was translated by Isabella Fyvie Mayo , as I. F. M., and Vladimir Grigorevich Chertkov .
1 August 1905
Isabella Fyvie Mayo (as I. F. M.) and Vladimir Grigorevich Chertkov (or V. Tchertkoef) published a translation of another letter from Tolstoy to the London Times, A Great Iniquity.
Tolstoy on Shakespeare, which included a translation of Tolstoy by Isabella Fyvie Mayo as I. F. M., and Vladimir Grigorevich Chertkov as V. Tchertkoff (as well as an essay by George Bernard Shaw ), was published.
Isabella Fyvie Mayo published her autobiography, Recollections of what I saw, what I lived through, and what I learned, during more than fifty years of social and literary experience.
Isabella Fyvie Mayo compiled six volumes for her series Stories and Sayings from Many Lands. These lands include Africa, Japan, China, and India, as well as the United Kingdom...