Caroline Chisholm

Standard Name: Chisholm, Caroline
Birth Name: Caroline Jones
Married Name: Caroline Chisholm
CC devoted much of her life to helping British nineteenth-century emigrants (particularly women and working-class families) to travel to Australia, and her writing was primarily dedicated to this cause. She produced numerous tracts on emigration issues, collected autobiographical statements from settlers, and wrote editorials and delivered lectures on settlement issues, as well as composing one novella. These works, in conjunction with CC 's untiring activist efforts, contributed to her prominent status as a public figure.
Black and white engraving by J. B. Hunt after a daguerreotype of Caroline Chisholm in her later years by Antoine Claudet. She sits on a chair, wearing a scarf over her hair, a heavy shawl over her dress, and black mittens on her hands. Beneath is reproduced in her handwriting "Yours truly, Caroline Chisholm."
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March 1848
Chartist uprisings took place in London, Glasgow, and Manchester.
Famous Girls who have become Illustrious Women: Forming Models for Imitation by the Young Women of England, a very popular book of biographical sketches by John M. Darton , was published.