Isabel Hapgood

Standard Name: Hapgood, Isabel


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Leisure and Society Kate Marsden
Scholars argue that the destruction of KM 's reputation was completed by private knowledge of her erotic relationships with women. Hewett not only spread information to Hapgood about these relationships, but also ensured that Henry Labouchere
Literary responses Kate Marsden
Isabel Hapgood , an American writer and translator of Tolstoy , thrashed KM 's book, On Sledge and Horseback to the Outcast Siberian Lepers, in a review for The Nation.
Baigent, Elizabeth. “Kate Marsden: 1859–1931”. Geographers Biobibliographical Studies, edited by Hayden Lorimer and Charles W. J. Withers, Continuum, 2008, pp. 63-92.
Wealth and Poverty Kate Marsden
KM 's reputation was threatened on multiple fronts by people in several countries as she gained a more prominent public identity. One of her most effective opponents was the American writer Isabel Hapgood . Hapgood...


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