Henry Du Pré Labouchere

Standard Name: Labouchere, Henry Du Pré
Used Form: Henry Du Pre Labouchere


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Leisure and Society Kate Marsden
Scholars argue that the destruction of KM 's reputation was completed by private knowledge of her erotic relationships with women. Hewett not only spread information to Hapgood about these relationships, but also ensured that Henry Labouchere
Textual Production Frances Power Cobbe
She remained attentive to the patterns of violence against women, particularly sexual crimes and domestic violence. Lydia Becker did not like to ask her to write gratis for the Women's Suffrage Journal, but seems...
Textual Production Marie Corelli
This book appeared anonymously, but it quickly came to be known that MC had co-authored it, along with Eric Mackay (her half-brother) and Henry Labouchere .
As the extent of Mackay and Labouchere's contribution is...


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