Diarmuid Russell

Standard Name: Russell, Diarmuid


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Friends, Associates Eudora Welty
Although she lived most of her life out of the social swing, EW maintained a web of close friendships by letters and visits. With Diarmuid Russell , who became her literary agent in 1940, she...
Occupation Eudora Welty
EW tried to sell her unposed photographs of mostly rural black people to New York publishing houses with the hope that her pictures might pique the publishers' interest in her stories—they were not, however, decoyed...
politics Eudora Welty
Late 1941, following the shocking Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, EW and Diarmuid Russell exchanged a series of letters about the war. Spirits low, Russell wrote this great war has come about because people and...
Publishing Eudora Welty
Over the next two years, Robert Penn Warren and Albert Erskine of the famed Southern Review would publish six of EW 's stories, most significantly A Memory, A Piece of News, A Curtain...


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