Robert Penn Warren

Standard Name: Warren, Robert Penn


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Literary responses Flannery O'Connor
There too her class was visited by John Crowe Ransom , who was impressed by her stories but stopped in his reading aloud of one of them when he encountered (in dialogue) the word nigger...
Publishing Eudora Welty
Over the next two years, Robert Penn Warren and Albert Erskine of the famed Southern Review would publish six of EW 's stories, most significantly A Memory, A Piece of News, A Curtain...
Publishing Eudora Welty
It was not easy for EW to find a market for her fiction. Though he would eventually become instrumental to her early success, Robert Penn Warren once rejected what is now one of her best-known...
Textual Production Eudora Welty
This publication fell in an unfertile period. Between August 1942 and December 1944, EW 's literary production was at an all-time low; she had passionately sought to transform experience into fiction, yet the overwhelming stress...


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