Peter Kemp

Standard Name: Kemp, Peter


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Friends, Associates Ruth Rendell
Winterson said, She was the mother I never had—wise, benign, loving and always there.
Brooks, Libby. “Ruth Rendell: Dark lady of whodunnits”. The Guardian, pp. 16 -19.
RR 's other literary friends included Antonia Fraser and P. D. James . Her friendship with Peter Kemp dated from...
Literary responses Anita Brookner
Peter Kemp attacked this novel in the Sunday Times under the title of The mouse that whinged: he was particularly incensed at what he regarded as AB 's unacceptably feminine qualities as a novelist...
Literary responses Anita Brookner
It was widely felt that her productivity (almost a novel a year) had the effect of lowering her valuation. Her quiet novels provoked some aggressive criticism, like that of Peter Kemp , or of Anthony Burgess
Literary responses Jeanette Winterson
Reviewers were not enthusiastic about this novel: JW herself said they were eager to pounce.
Wachtel, Eleanor, editor. “Jeanette Winterson”. More Writers and Company: New Conversations with CBC Radio’s Eleanor Wachtel, Vintage Canada, 1997, pp. 136 - 49.
Peter Kemp in the Sunday Times found it unoriginal in theme and structural techniques, and noted that it contains...


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