Marie Secor

Standard Name: Secor, Marie


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Literary responses Violet Hunt
Later readers have paid Hunt's novels little critical interest and less acclaim. Biographer Barbara Belford suggested in 1990, for instance, that her characters are usually unsympathetic and forgettable; she wrote about the contemporary moment, but...
Literary responses Violet Hunt
VH 's Times obituary included a comment on the emergence in this work of the bitterness and cynicism with which [Hunt's] style came to be associated.
“Miss Violet Hunt”. Times, p. 6.
Marie Secor suggests that while the novel shares...
Author summary Violet Hunt
Known mainly as a popular novelist, VH also published book and theatre reviews, translations, short stories, non-fiction, memoirs, and a biography. Her publishing career covers the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Though often initially...
Textual Features Violet Hunt
Though categorized by critics as a novel, this text is primarily a collection of dialogues, some of which had appeared already in the Pall Mall Gazette and The Sketch.
Belford, Barbara. Violet. Simon and Schuster, 1990.
Hunt's heroine, Moderna, is...
Textual Features Violet Hunt
VH modifies the gothic here to explore the psychological strains felt by sexually-frustrated women. Marie Secor finds a Charlotte Brontë -ish quality
Secor, Marie. “Violet Hunt, Novelist: A Reintroduction”. English Literature in Transition, pp. 25 -34.
introduced into Hunt's writing with this work. Secor also notes that its...


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