E. M. Hull

Standard Name: Hull, E. M.
Birth Name: Edith Maud Henderson
Nickname: Diana
Married Name: Edith Maud Winstanley Hull
Used Form: Edith Maude Hull
Between 1919 and 1939 EMH produced seven novels, among them her three famous desert romances, and one travel book. Her first novel, the ground-breaking desert romance The Sheik, virtually established the conventions of the genre. It became a huge best-seller, as well as a highly successful Hollywood film starring Rudolph Valentino . EMH 's novels tend to feature exotic settings and romance between much older men and the women they eventually win to love them.
Black-and-white photograph of a drawing of E.M. Hull. She is shown from the shoulders up, wearing circular, wire-rimmed spectacles, and her hair rolled loosely on top of her head.
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