Lady Colin Campbell

Standard Name: Campbell, Lady Colin
Used Form: Gertrude Elizabeth Campbell
Birth Name: Gertrude Elizabeth Blood
Married Name: Lady Colin Campbell
Pseudonym: G. E. Brunefille
Pseudonym: Vera Tsaritsyn
Pseudonym: Q. E. D.
Pseudonym: G. B.
Lady Colin Campbell was a journalist and editor from the mid-1870s until the turn of the twentieth century. Despite the notoriety resulting from being accused of adultery in a divorce case, she won success as a popular columnist and art critic. She published art reviews, weekly columns, conduct literature, drama, short stories, and a novel. A prototypical New Woman, she advocated her right to smoke tobacco, ride bicycles, and participate in outdoor sports.
Photo of a painting of Lady Colin Campbell by Giovanni Boldini, 1894. She sits on a sofa, looking enigmatically at the viewer, her head on her right hand while the elbow rests on the sofa's arm. Her body is elongated, in a long black satin dress with huge frills at the shoulders; her dark curly hair is piled on top of her head. This portrait caused a furore when first acquired and exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery.
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