Ann Martin Taylor

Standard Name: Taylor, Ann Martin
Birth Name: Ann Martin
Married Name: Ann Taylor
Indexed Name: Mrs. Taylor of Ongar
Having borne and educated a remarkable family of precocious authors, AMT followed her daughters Ann and Jane and her son Isaac into print in 1814, and produced a series of conduct books and a volume of devotional writing. She aims her humane yet deeply religious advice at women in their roles as daughters, mothers, wives, employers, and domestic servants.
Black and white photograph of a drawing of Ann Martin Taylor, seated in a chair that is upholstered with flowers, wearing a simple, long, dark dress with a high collar and wide sleeves. She is wearing a white bonnet that is tied in a bow at her chin and a pair of small wire spectacles. Signed underneath the drawing are the words: affectionately yours, Ann Gilbert.
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Education Christina Rossetti
Christina and her siblings were educated by their mother , in reading, writing, the Bible and rudimentary French. The boys were sent to school when they were seven, while the girls continued at home. Their...
Family and Intimate relationships Ann Taylor Gilbert
The young Ann and Jane Taylor had a bad few months: their father was desperately ill with rheumatic fever, and at the height of his illness their mother suffered a nervous collapse.
Gilbert, Ann Taylor. Autobiography and Other Memorials of Mrs. Gilbert. Gilbert, JosiahEditor , H. S. King, 1874.
1: 65, 67
Family and Intimate relationships Ann Taylor Gilbert
The mother, Ann Martin Taylor , did much of her children's education herself, and took them out visiting from an early age rather than leave them with students. She began publishing books about child-rearing when...
Family and Intimate relationships Ann Taylor Gilbert
Ann Martin Taylor , nursing another recent baby, had what sounds like a nervous breakdown. She was found walking by the river, and for an hour or two she did not seem aware of the...
Family and Intimate relationships Jane Taylor
Her mother, Ann Martin Taylor , launched herself as an author on the topic of child-rearing when her youngest were in their teens, and published several books jointly with Jane. Rebecca Davies gives a chapter...
Textual Production Jane Taylor
JT and her mother, Ann Martin Taylor , published a collaborative work: Correspondence Between a Mother and her Daughter at School.
Monthly Magazine. Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper.
43 (1817): 455


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