Abigail Baldwin

Standard Name: Baldwin, Abigail


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On the death of publisher Richard Baldwin from a slow consumption, his widow, Abigail , took over the business in name; she had in fact been running it for several years.
8 July 1709-31 March 1710
The thrice-weekly Female Tatler appeared, an explicitly woman-centred riposte to the condescending or gender-prejudiced element in Richard Steele 's still-new Tatler.
5 October 1710
A Whig periodical entitled the Medley was launched to combat the Tory Examiner; it was probably the work of Arthur Maynwaring and possibly of Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough .
November 1713
James Roberts , the most prolific trade publisher in London in the earlier eighteenth century, took over the business from his mother-in-law, Abigail Baldwin , herself a successful publisher.