Mary Bramston

Standard Name: Bramston, Mary


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Anthologization Christabel Coleridge
A. G. Freer included CC 's ghost story Alice and Alicia in her collection The Professional and Other Psychic Stories (which also included stories by Mary Bramston and Olive Birrell ).
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Friends, Associates Christabel Coleridge
In addition to her relationship with Charlotte Yonge , CC had a productive friendship with Mary Bramston . The move to Torquay made her one of a group of women writers in the area, all...
Textual Production Charlotte Yonge
Together with Frances Awdry , Mary Bramston , Christabel Coleridge , and others, CY published The Miz Maze; or, The Winkworth Puzzle, A Story in Letters by Nine Authors.
Coleridge, Christabel. Charlotte Mary Yonge: Her Life and Letters. Macmillan and Co., 1903.
Textual Production Charlotte Yonge
CY participated in another collaborative work: Astray, A Tale of a Country Town, with Mary Bramston , Christabel Coleridge , and Esmé Stuart .
Athenæum. J. Lection.
3077 (1886): 495
Textual Production Christabel Coleridge
CC co-authored the epistolary novel The Miz Maze; or, The Winkworth Puzzle, A Story in Letters, by Nine Authors along with Charlotte Yonge , Mary Bramston , Frances Awdry and others.
British Library Catalogue.
Textual Production Frances Mary Peard
FMP was one of those involved in 1883 (with Charlotte Yonge , Frances Awdry , Mary Bramston , Christabel Coleridge , Mary Susanna Lee , A. E. Mary Anderson Morshead , Eleanor C. Price ...


By 7 November 1874
Mary Bramston (a friend of Charlotte Yonge and Christabel Coleridge ) published a comedicnovel entitled The Carbridges.
The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge published the comedicnovelA Woman of Business by Mary Bramston , with illustrations by W. H. Overend .
By 4 May 1889
Mary Bramston published In Hiding, a novel of moral struggle in which the central characters are women.
By 5 October 1889
Mary Bramston issued a two-volume novel entitled Apples of Sodom, whose heroine is unusually gifted and outspoken.