Catherine Clive

Standard Name: Clive, Catherine
Used Form: Kitty Clive


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Friends, Associates Frances Sheridan
In London they quickly acquired an influential and highly talented circle of friends, including Samuel Johnson , Samuel Richardson , Edward Young , Frances Brooke , Sarah Scott , and Sarah Fielding . Richardson admired...
Leisure and Society Hannah More
In London the Garricks not only took HM to the theatre, but took her also behind the scenes, to the indignation of the professional Kitty Clive .
Jones, Mary Gwladys. Hannah More. Cambridge University Press, 1952.
Literary responses Hannah More
Percy was a great hit, with twenty-one performances, and 4,000 copies sold by March 1777. HM made £600 from it in the theatre, and £150 from Cadell for the copyright. She thought, however, the public...
Publishing Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire
This novel was published by Hookham in three volumes, and dedicated to Georgiana's friend Lady Camden . Its subscription list, in this and the second edition (issued by Hookham in 1787, in two volumes each...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Priscilla Wakefield
Despite the title, the travel in this sequel or companion to The Juvenile Travellers confines itself to the British Isles, where one of the most pressing topics of local interest is association with writers...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Christopher St John
The First Actress draws an implicit parallel between the admission of women to the vote and their admission to stage acting at the Restoration. Peggy Hughes , presented as first woman in the London professional...


The popular actress Kitty Clive argued in The Case of Mrs Clive Submitted to the Publick that she had been unfairly treated by the managers of both London theatres (Drury Lane and Covent Garden ).
24 April 1769
Kitty Clive gave her farewell performance. She had enjoyed great success as a comic actress, and some as a playwright.