Margaret Calderwood

Standard Name: Calderwood, Margaret
Birth Name: Margaret Steuart
MC , living and writing in the eighteenth century, is remembered for her travel journal (which grew out of letters to her daughter). As a Scotswoman she reports on the foreign country of England as well as on continental Europe. She also composed a manual of estate management (based on the journal in which she recorded her management of her husband's property) and a novel which, however, she did not publish.
Painting of Margaret Calderwood, she is wearing a low cut brown dress and has a blue scarf over her left arm. The background is also a shade of brown, and her hair is black.
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Her subjects here include such comparatively well-known authors as Joanna Baillie , Anne Grant , and Margaret Oliphant , and also the almost unknown diarist and novelist Margaret Calderwood .


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