Margaret Bryan

Standard Name: Bryan, Margaret
Birth Name: Margaret
Married Name: Margaret Bryan
MB was a leading educator and populariser of science: a schoolteacher who published three standard scientific textbooks during the early nineteenth century and the final years of the eighteenth. She also created or advised on a board game designed to teach science.
Stipple engraving of Margaret Bryan with her two daughters by William Nutter from a painting by Samuel Shelley, used as frontispiece to Bryan's first book, "A Compendious System of Astronomy", 1797. It shows Bryan with a telescope and celestial globe behind her, measuring instruments on a table, and her pen in hand, wearing a dark gown , white shift, and white turban. Her hair is long and curled.
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Friends, Associates Jane Marcet
JM probably knew her husband's friends Edward Jenner and William Hyde Wollaston ; she certainly knew and corresponded with John Yelloy . She was a friend on her own account of Margaret Bryan ,
Marcet, Jane. “Introduction”. Chemistry in the Schoolroom: 1806, edited by Hazel Rossotti, AuthorHouse, 2006, p. i - xxi.
iii, v n6
Friends, Associates Anna Jane Vardill
While she lived in London AJV moved in culturally active circles. She later described the poet Eleanor Anne Porden (who lived not far away) as her dear friend, and was one of those who...
Textual Production Jane Marcet
Marcet received advice and encouragement in her project both from her husband and from one of his medical friends, Dr John Yelloy . Yelloy advised her to keep her style serious but accessible, and also...


Erasmus Darwin 's A Plan for the Conduct of Female Education in Boarding Schools was published.