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Family and Intimate relationships Robert Williams Buchanan
His Owenite father, Robert Buchanan , was a socialist journalist and tailor.
Sutherland, John. The Stanford Companion to Victorian Fiction. Stanford University Press, 1989.
Author summary Anna Wheeler
Anna Wheeler has been called the most important feminist after Mary Wollstonecraft and before Emmeline Pankhurst .
Roberts, Marie Mulvey, Marie Mulvey Roberts, Tamae Mizuta, Marie Mulvey Roberts, and Tamae Mizuta, editors. “Introduction”. The Reformers: Socialist Feminism, Routledge/Thoemmes Press, 1995, p. xi - xv.
Her deep involvement in the Owenite Socialist Movement led her to translating work by French Saint-Simonians and...


The Owenite socialist movement flourished in Britain.
David Weatherhead founded the Yorkshire Spiritual Telegraph to circulate among Northern Owenite groups.