British Airways


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Publishing Doris Lessing
DL published short fiction and essays throughout her career: in such places as Partisan Review, Ms magazine, Welcome Aboard (British Airways ' inflight magazine), Discovery (Cathay Pacific 's magazine, published in Hong...


June-July 1919
People first flew in large numbers, not as continent-bound travellers but as joy-riders.
Imperial Airways opened a London to Cape Town service.
1 January 1936
August 1939
Royal Assent was given for the establishment of the British Overseas Airways Corporation , an amalgamation of Imperial Airways and British Airways .
5-7 August 1939
The first British transatlantic air service from England to Canada was initiated by Imperial Airways .
1 August 1946
The nationalization of the British air transport industry was completed with the establishment of British European Airways and British South American Airways under the Civil Aviation Act (1946).
21 January 1976
The first supersonic passenger plane, the British-French Concorde, began service between Paris and London; service to New York was later added.