Vassar College


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Education Elizabeth Bishop
EB loved the village school in Great Village, Nova Scotia, where she learned to read and write. She later, supported by a Bishop family trust, attended first a summer camp, then a private school...
Education Edna St Vincent Millay
After her semester at Barnard College , ESVM entered Vassar in fall 1913 (despite failing the entrance exams in algebra and history, though she passed geometry) to study literature and languages. She was a rebel...
Education Iris Murdoch
At the same time as applying for her place at Newnham, she kept her options open by applying for a lectureship at Sheffield University and a place at Vassar in New York State, as...
Education Mary McCarthy
A year later, in 1926 MMC enrolled at Annie Wright Episcopal Boarding School in Tacoma. She would travel home to Seattle some weekends by boat or on the Interurban streetcar. Further elaborating on different...
Education Edna St Vincent Millay
Three years after her highschool graduation, doors suddenly opened for ESVM to go to college, although her preparation had not reached the standard generally demanded. Donors offered to support her at Vassar College (through Caroline B. Dow
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Bishop
Her relations with her mother (born Gertrude Bulmer or Boomer) were not happy. Gertrude sometimes hit her, or forgot all about her, or screamed loud and long enough to be heard at a distance. She...
Family and Intimate relationships Edna St Vincent Millay
At Vassar , where cross-dressing and same-sex relationships were the norm, she skilfully played off two suitors against each other in her first year, and in her second formed a pair with Elaine Ralli ...
Family and Intimate relationships Edna St Vincent Millay
Though he identified as Dutch, his mother was Irish and his father's family originally French. Millay deeply admired his first wife, Inez Milholland (a Vassar graduate, a lawyer, and a socialist, who died in 1916...
Family and Intimate relationships Mary McCarthy
The year she graduated from Vassar , MMC married the actor, director and playwright Harold Johnsrud . She later realized that she had done the wrong thing. To marry a man without loving him...
Family and Intimate relationships Edna St Vincent Millay
Their youngest sister, Kathleen , was enabled by Vincent's success to follow in her footsteps to Vassar , where however she felt out of place. She found it harder than Norma did to live with...
Material Conditions of Writing Edna St Vincent Millay
As a student at Vassar she published poetry and plays in the Vassar Miscellany Monthly, including her poem The Suicide—which won her a prize but which Caroline Dow had urged her to abandon...
Material Conditions of Writing Mary McCarthy
When MMC first started writing, she focused her efforts on critical reviews and essays. While still at Vassar she started a rebel literary magazine, Con Spirito, with two of her classmates, Frani Blough and...
Material Conditions of Writing Edna St Vincent Millay
In the year of her graduation from Vassar , ESVM published Renascence, and Other Poems.
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Occupation Edna St Vincent Millay
ESVM now cast around for work, possibly on stage. She sent out poems to magazines, often fruitlessly. She earned a little by acting with the Provincetown Players from December 1917, building on her long experience...
Occupation Agnes Mary Clerke
AMC 's passion for astronomy led to her success and recognition in the field of this predominantly masculine science. Though she was never officially employed as an astronomer, she declined an offer to work for...


Mount Holyoke Female Seminary (later Mount Holyoke College) was founded at South Hadley, Maryland, by Mary Lyon : the first post-secondary educational institution for women in the USA.
Maria Mitchell became the first woman to be appointed as a professor of astronomy, at Vassar College.
By late 1963
The best-known novel by US author Mary McCarthy , The Group, appeared in Britain. It traces the later lives of a number of graduates of Vassar , then an all-women's college.
12 February 1980
US poet Muriel Rukeyser died in Greenwich Village, New York, two years after publishing her Collected Poems and four years after her last new collection, The Gates, 1976.
16 October 2012
The American Library in Paris held a ceremony with speeches and an exhibition to commemorate the writer Mary McCarthy , who died in 1989 but whose one hundredth birthday fell this year. Her alma mater,...