Charles Spencer, third Duke of Marlborough

Standard Name: Marlborough, Charles Spencer,,, third Duke of


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Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Gunning
A rumour arose in London society that EG was to marry the Marquess of Blandford , heir to the Duke of Marlborough .
Gantz, Ida. The Pastel Portrait. Cresset Press.
Family and Intimate relationships Laetitia Pilkington
She said she fell in love with the Duke of Marlborough , but resisted. Once starvation actually loomed, however, she may well have made part of her inadequate income by directly sexual means. The accusation...
Friends, Associates Susannah Gunning
The duchess was also grandmother of Blandford (heir to the Duke of Marlborough ), with whose name that of Elizabeth Gunning had been damagingly linked. Her patronage presumably did something to salvage the reputations of...
Textual Features Elizabeth Boyd
EB 's preface alludes to Steele'sTatler, and calls the slow, sure Snail . . . the well-meant, altho' weak Attempt of a mere Woman.
Boyd, Elizabeth. The Snail.
After an introductory poem, her basic unit for...


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