James Caldwell

Standard Name: Caldwell, James,, d. 1838


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Dedications Anne Marsh
AM followed up her first success with Tales of the Woods and Fields, 1836. This volume, intended as a second series of Old Men's Tales, incorporated A Country Vicarage, Tale of an...
Family and Intimate relationships Anne Marsh
Anne Caldwell believed that her father, James , was the fourth baby that his parents had christened by this name: all the rest died as infants. The son of a Scottish tradesman settled in England...
Material Conditions of Writing Anne Marsh
While living at Boulogne in France, not long after the death of her father , AM set down an autobiographical Narrative.
Marsh, Anne, and J. J. Heath-Caldwell. “Narrative (Diary) of Anne Marsh-Caldwell, 1791-1874”. Ancestors and Relatives of JJ Heath-Caldwell.


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